Tarot on the cardsfeb 19th zodiac sign

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Tarot on the cards【feb 19th zodiac sign】: The week ahead October 10-1

Tarot on the cardsfeb 19th zodiac sign

Tarot on the cardsfeb 19th zodiac sign

The week ahead October 10-17

Chennai: 20 MARCH – 20 APRIL – (ARIES)Drawing the Ace of Swords shows that there is so much clarity in thinking that you will cut through all that is not true and arrive at a best decision in whatever you do. This also shows success in what you seek to do and are doing and this is an encouraging card that details the gift of life, mental independence and the astuteness that you work with. Since that is so it has to do with recognition understanding and learning everything that makes life easier because of the clarity of purpose. This card also shows that you could be healing from old, emotional wounds and that you can benefit from the clarity that you have. And also that you will find ways to deal with fears and desires and look at the optimum way of working on them. The Angel card drawn is that of The Magician, which represents Archangel Raziel, who tells you that you are ready and that you have the resources and the ability to manifest them. Indeed life is magical, you are being told. And the affirmations for you this week are, “I am worthy of being loved, I do not have to earn love. I am lovable because it exists. Others reflect the love I have for myself.’’ 20 APRIL – 21 MAY – (TAURUS)The Nine of Wands indicates several ideas in your mind and that can be somewhat stressful and tiring if you are not able to find ways to fulfill them. That said, there is also some fire and strength within you which will force you into situations where you will have to shine your light. Even if consciously it is something you may want to do. The card indicates growth, change. You can and will have the awareness to make all those changes within you and then you will find that the world outside is also coming around to your way of thinking. Wands symbolise at another level, fire and urges and the different wands seen in the card indicate different levels and degrees of development – this card can also show a spiritual side where you will seek visions and then perhaps find your own vision. Step forward and quell your fears and fulfill all those wishes you have for yourself. The affirmations are, “I release all criticism, I only give our that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others are mirrored to me in every moment.’’ 21 MAY – 21 JUNE – (GEMINI)For many of those born under this sign, especially women the Nine of Pentacles shows that you have come into your own in many ways. You have also reached a state of personal prosperity and can take great pleasure in yourself and be satisfied with what you do and can do. You are now getting the fruits of your hard work and labour with each day becoming better and better. You can afford to be very pleased with yourself. This is also a card of confidence when it comes to finances and fortunes. And do not forget to show your talents and skills to the world at large but also ensure you are generous to those around you. The Angel card drawn is the Ten of Water which tells you that you have a contented and rewarding family life. The affirmations for you are: “My life is a mirror, the people in my life are really mirrors of me. This affords me the opportunity to grow and change.’’ 21 JUNE – 23 JULY – (CANCER)Right now, you are like a King where there are strength, dignity and leadership qualities that others will recognize as well. And the King of Swords says just that – even if a woman when this card comes it tends to emphasize the masculine qualities that involve thinking logically, with the head and kind of unemotional when it comes to making decisions. Also, the King is a champion of truth, justice and impartiality and cannot be swayed by favour or fear. If that is you, then you are on the right track. This card also says that you are the kind who will overcome bullying and injustice through legal or official means and promise success in assessments. The Angel card that has come is life experience that corresponds with Archangel Chamuel who will support you through life changing events. The affirmations for you are: “life supports me, life created me to be fulfilled. I trust life. I am safe.’’ 23 JULY – 23 AUGUST – (LEO)Cards that show the number Ten promise successful completion of any matters or ambitions and long-term happiness and security in life. This may also involve closing doors to move into the next cycle and clear what is not needed, shedding old burdens and activities and even people who hold you back or resent your success. Here the card drawn is the Ten of Pentacles, which again reiterates what is being said about the tens. There is long-term happiness, security and abundance in the financial area that makes you feel comforted and at peace. It is a welcome card if there are any expansions to the family or works with projects that involve youngsters. . The Angel card is the Five of Water that indicates that some things may not turn out the way you hoped. The affirmations for you are, “I release fears and doubts. I accept myself and create the peace in my mind and heart.” 23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER – (VIRGO)The wishes fulfilled card, The World is one that heralds the best things life can offer at this point in time. It is a card that shows that anything is possible and expansion of plans and ideas are very possible. How big you think and implement are supported by this card that promises success and acknowledgment. And this covers business, new interests, or even new social groups. Travel is definitely on and that too long distance or even making a long term and long-distance house move. You could even think of relocating. This card also shows that all that you have been working on will reach a state of fruition and social invitations will come in plenty too. The Angel card corresponds to Archangel Michael, who is not only protective but supportive too. Affirmations for you are, “I deserve the best, and I accept the best now. I am mentally and emotionally equipped to enjoy a prosperous and loving life. It is my birthright to deserve all good.’’ 23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBER – (LIBRA)The Seven of Swords indicate the following- some pressures of thoughts that are troubling you, too much overthinking, thoughts that cut into your joy and peace, and a propensity to try and run away from your thoughts. This card tells you to watch out for double-dealings by others and those who go behind your back and do things. Possibly take your ideas and sell them as their own. Make sure you guard your work and ideas and ensure you are well represented if you are in the company. The Angel card is the Five of Air that says don’t make unwise choices – try and learn what you can from certain challenging situations. Also do review each one’s motive in doing things where you are concerned. Affirmations for you are, “it is safe to look within. As I move through the layers of other people’s opinions and beliefs, I see within myself a magnificent being wise and beautiful.” 23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER – (SCORPIO)The Eights are cards of enterprise, hard work and of maximizing opportunities and overcoming restrictions and obstacles. This also talks about finding out new faces and places to take your work and expand to different horizons. The Eight of Pentacles promises that you can make your own fortunes by hard work and your own efforts. Also, this is the right time to learn a new skill and develop new interests. This card can also mean a move into diversifying into a new field or if employed into a new area within the same organisation. It also indicates some sort of renovations and clearing up. You could also be practicing some new skills that you can present to the world and even monetise the new talent. The Angel card is the Page of Earth that tells you that there is good news you can expect about financial matters. The affirmations for you are, “I am beautiful and everybody loves me. I radiate acceptance and I am loved by others. Love surrounds and protects me.’’ 22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBER – (SAGITTARIUS)The King of Pentacles augurs wealth creation, building and keeping it. There would be the flow of it from the family coffers and you are deserving of that abundance. Also this points to a person who is of a reliable and wise countenance who is possibly a mentor and guide who will show you how to go about building your life. This person could also offer practical and material security and can be the ideal father, coworker or elders in the family. There is reliability also that is being offered by such a person and this is a card that can come when you are setting up a long-term business or property venture. The Angel card is the Four of Earth which shows too much cautiousness when it comes to money. Think twice before making business decisions. The affirmations are, “I love and approve of myself. I appreciate all that I do. I am good enough just as I am. I speak up for myself.” 22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARY – (CAPRICORN)You could be getting good news regarding work, projects, ventures and collaborations as the Six of Wands comes for those born under this sign. This card will see you riding home to victory in a short time span and all you have to do is to remember that these are the last few miles before you see results and happy outcomes. You have to persevere and you will know success and redemption. It could be a creative venture, a career leap, a dream travel plan or even freedom from what you think is constricting and binding. The card is also one of finding harmony through the fulfillment of your very own vision and standing apart from the crowd. The Angel card is the Lovers, where you will be open to good relationships, but you will also have to carefully weigh your options and decisions. The affirmations for are, I love my body, I create peacefulness in my mind.20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARY – (AQUARIUS)Number Seven is one of wisdom, spirituality and mystery and rather than being rushed and hurried into a decision or change wait till you are ready as you may discover that you are quite happy with life as it is. Trust your intuition and beware of illusions. The Seven of Wands however tells you that you could be uprooted to find your base in another area and this can be disruptive and unsettling. By doing nothing If you hope things will settle down then that is not likely to happen. Doing nothing is not an option. In many ways, this is a success card but not before you argue your positions defend them and fight the opposition. The Angel card is the Queen of Earth, which tells you to make time for those around you. The affirmations for you are, “I trust the process of life, there is a rhythm and flow to life and I am part of it. Life brings to me only good, positive experiences.” 18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCH – (PISCES)The Sun card promises happiness fulfillment and success when viewed in world terms. Ambitions, achievements and making money are part of the deal. You will also find the things that make you truly happy and do not worry about the future because the now is all that matters. The Sun card also indicates the youngsters doing well, new entrants to the family and the emergence of untapped talents. You can use this to gain monetary benefits and the applause of talents being showcased. The Angel card is The High Priestess that corresponds to Archangel Haniel who tells you to listen to your intuition and have patience. The affirmations for you are, “I am flexible and flowing. I am open to the new and changing. Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity.”

feb 19th zodiac signTarot on the cards

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