Tarot: On the cardswhat zodiac is july 21

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Tarot: On the cards【what zodiac is july 21】: Take a look at this week

Tarot: On the cardswhat zodiac is july 21

Tarot: On the cardswhat zodiac is july 21

Take a look at this week's predictions for your sign.

Chennai: Aries20 March – 20 AprilFor many of you born under this sign, the year ahead will be that of introspection, reevaluation, and thanksgiving- every aspect of your life needs to come under scrutiny so that you can first give thanks for your life till now will all the ups and downs and for bringing you up to this point of becoming what you are – a gift of the Universe and the Higher Powers. The Judgment card brings to the fore the inward journey you might need to be making at this juncture simply because of all that you have witnessed and experienced especially in the last two years. You are being given a chance to change things around with your thoughts, deeds and find your way to working out your dreams and desires letting go of all that does not serve you well. The card itself stands for purpose, forgiveness new beginnings renewal, and breakthroughs. So this is also about understanding your own inner intelligence and looking at the choices made so far and identifying the lessons learned that bring you closer and closer to fearlessness and courage. There need not be any doubts about this kind of self-examination and will help you speak your truth.Taurus20 APRIL – 21 MAYThe year 2022 is going to be one of the great changes- many, many transformative ones that will change the way you live and how you view everything. The Death card that comes tells you that it is time to move out of your comfort zone and be out there making a mark and shine like you need to. The changes can be a bit painful and disruptive but this will push you into a zone you never thought you will be in. It could be doing new things not attempted before, could be more money that will change the way you think about material goods, it could be many new relationships and the cessation of the ones you thought were your standby and there could also be great spiritual growth and a transition from what you are to what you need to be. So basically something is coming to an end and you will need to come to terms with how you will deal with it. This will also create space and room for you to blossom and breathe and be absolutely true to yourself. There are likely to be major shifts in your life.Gemini21 MAY – 21 JUNEThe appearance of The Moon card suggests that this can be a sort of a mixed year for many of you born under this sign. There is disillusionment, fears mysteries emerging just as there will be magic imagination, and receptivity. So it is a card that will make you aware of your sensitivity, dreams, and inner knowing in situations especially where you could find yourself feeling threatened by those around you. However, this is the mind playing its role of creating thoughts and scenarios that are not true and will not stand the test of time. There will be if you allow it, spells of inspiration invention creativity, and many great discoveries personal as well as those of things around you. It will show you the depths of your mind and how much power it can wield if you allow it.Cancer21 JUNE – 23 JULYThe key things that will stand out this year are willpower, victory, movement, determination, confidence transition, and ego. These will play out in all areas of life and it will be up to you to do things the right way however uncomfortable things may be. There will be temptations to play big and therefore stride over people and feelings which will manifest as ego and come back to you in double force and make things painful after that. The Chariot which if unbridled and allowed to ride roughshod with reins can spell disaster so ensure that you drive things in a fair and reasonable manner. There are going to be several challenges that you will easily overcome but understand the risks along the way. Use your intellect and judgment and you will find yourself heading in the right direction and manner with confidence, ease.Leo23 JULY – 23 AUGUSTWith the appearance of The Hierophant, the main things you will experience this coming year are mentorship, counseling, community help, spiritual wisdom, knowledge education, and unity. While these are words this means that your life will revolve around all of these or at best most of them in key areas of your life. The Hierophant is an energetic force with so many facets and is a great catalyst for change. It will provide you with new insights to help you grow into the greatest version of yourself. The Hierophant is the ultimate teacher offering new experiences, adventure, and exploration into what has been so far unknown. And this will manifest at different times whenever an experience will be needed for your growth. Also, this card comes up when you are ready to expand your awareness.Virgo23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBERPotentially this year ahead has many great things in store. The thing is to be able to recognize all of it through different situations and take action. There will be growth, new opportunities, clarity, completion, success triumph, and many celebrations. Things have come a full circle and you find that you are now in an enviable position as you may have been many years ago. You are entering a time of resolution and understanding of your own self and your own amazing potential. And all this is because of the efforts and hard work you have put in all this time. It is a culmination of sorts and the world around you will acknowledge all that you have done in a warmer manner than all this time. So it is indeed a time for the celebration of all your accomplishments.Libra23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBERYou will seem to have everything anyone in this material world desires- there is inspiration, skills, direction, magic, power, action, and manifestation. Basically, all that you want is right within your reach. How you go about it will provide the end result. The Magician is the master of all that he surveys and right now you are like that. There are immense possibilities available to you and that is exciting the year ahead will be. You are a creative force that knows no limitations and has everything to achieve universal power. This card also represents new beginnings and plenty of inspiration and invention. But there needs to be perseverance self-discipline and planning.Scorpio23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBERThe card Justice reflects the search for higher truth, integrity, and fairness. Also what you will see through this year are equality, impartiality, contracts, truth, balance, fairness, wisdom, integrity, and examination. This will cover all important parts of your life. This card asks you to put aside emotions and attachments so that you can see things with impartiality and also the bigger picture. This could be a year of deep contemplation and will be doing a lot of problem-solving or dealing with challenges. The actions you take, the words you speak and the thoughts you have will directly shape your reality. This card is one of high energy and shows that what was wrong will be set right and put back on course.Sagittarius22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBERWhat are the things that will show up this year for those born under this sign? There will be harmony, balance, renewal, adaptation, moderation, healing, and the difficult duality that will show up in some parts of your life. This card prompts you to think about how you want to balance your life- work, relationships, and personal ambitions and goals. If you manage to find that balance you will understand that everything that is there is a gift. This card also reminds you that everything is finite so live accordingly. This card is also telling you to make decisions mindfully this year. There needs to be a balance and moderation of your personal goals and it is important to connect to the larger picture.Capricorn22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARYThis is a year where you will be on the precipice of new journeys and experiences as The Fool card suggests. There will be new beginnings, a child in you being in perpetual delight, adventures, movements, and plenty of freedom to choose places to go to. There is that great journey into the unknown and this could be spiritual or mere physical where new experiences await you and that is something to look forward to as you go along. Not all experiences will be comfortable, but almost all of them will teach you something or the other. There will be seeds of potential that you will sow and it will be a little while before you see what has sprouted for your highest good.Aquarius20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARYYou could say that this is a year of great material benefits ad companionship. The Devil is a card that portends dependency, materialism, and bondage of some sort. It also augurs well for those who have plans for changes and a change of residence. But there will be fears and uncertainties that will hold you back as you wonder if all that you want is possible at all?  You need to examine and ask yourself what is holding you back at this time. You may know what this is but perhaps have not been able to articulate it well. You now need to address this sense of entrapment you feel and resolve it for a better new beginning. You must know that you are fully capable of breaking free from repeating patterns and habits to find your victory and relief.Pisces18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCHThe year 2022 is going to be one filled with relationships, warmth, pleasure good health, joys, accomplishment, success, abundance, and the general sense of well-being. This is a year for you to acknowledge and feel deeply grateful for the blessings that are there. It marks a magnificent happy time in your life and there will be a renewed sense of abundance and a higher sense of the purpose of your living. It will come even if you don’t go looking for it. This will be elevating your inner self, helping you work better with others. You will succeed in new and vibrant ways be able to put all your enthusiasm and vitality into your dreams. This will naturally draw so many towards you for that warmth and energy.

what zodiac is july 21Tarot: On the cards

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